Testing System

Testing system is one of the most important feature of teaching system.

(i) Self Appraisal Tests (SAT) - It is a unique and best part of our testing system. With CPS some assessment test papers are provided to students for self-evaluation. These test papers contain objective questions. Students prepare their Self Appraisal Report (SAR) in a prescribed format after testing themselves. This system is designed in recurring mode for continuous self-evaluation.

(ii) Periodic Assessment Tests - Periodic Assessment Tests are taken as per the schedule. These tests not only provide opportunities for the students to experience the simulation of examination atmosphere but also provide them clarity about what they don't know and what they need to know.

(iii) Test Paper Discussion- Discussion of test-paper in the class just after the test is an inescapable feature of our testing system. In this discussion faculties discussed the common errors made and how the questions were to be attempted.

(iv) Performance Analysis - Performance Analysis of each student is done on the basis of each test result to identify his/her growth graph and scope of improvement.

(v) Individual Counselling - Individual counselling is done by faculty members on the basis of test performance of the student. Counselling encircles around to identify strong and weak academic and non-academic points, advising for improvement.